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Portfolio Update for Q1 2019

Below is a summary of my stock portfolio. At the end of each year, I will give a comparison of how my portfolio and each individual stock performed compared to the S&P 500 index and the S&P/TSX index. Prices are as of the first week of April 2019.

Ianthus logo

Ianthus Capital Holdings Inc. 18.79% of portfolio. My avg. price: $7.04. Current price: $7.77

Ianthus is a multi-state operator (MSO) in the cannabis industry in the United States. They currently have licences in 11 states. They are vertically integrated meaning they grow, process, and sell cannabis.

Ianthus is a growing MSO in the exploding U.S. cannabis market. They are generating revenue in 9 of 11 states they are licensed in. CEO Hadley Ford is an experienced businessman and has kept Ianthus’s share structure under control.

I acquired these shares when MPX and Ianthus merged in February of 2019 along with MPX International shares. I hope to see accelerated revenue growth from Ianthus in 2019.

Good Life Networks logo

Good Life Networks Inc. 13.57% of portfolio. My avg. price: $0.1861. Current Price: $0.52

Good Life Networks is a digital advertising technology company. Their platform facilitates the buying and selling of digital ads between publishers (websites, connected television) and advertisers.

Good Life Networks has grown by both acquisition and organic growth. They are projecting $60 million in revenue for 2019. Online digital advertising is a growing business with more people “cutting the cord” from cable. GLN is positioned to benefit from this change in behaviour.

CO2 Gro logo

CO2 Gro Inc. 13.3% of portfolio. My avg. price: $0.25. Current Price: $0.425

CO2 Gro Inc’s mission is to accelerate plant growth by dissolving carbon dioxide gas in water. Dissolved CO2 water is sprayed onto plants using foliar spray. The plant absorbs the dissolved CO2 water and increases plant size and growth speed.

When I first came across CO2 Gro the value proposition they present to growers seemed so obvious. Their technology allows plants to grow bigger at a faster pace. They split the extra yield with growers creating a win for both parties. Check out my full write up on CO2 Gro here.

Namesilo Technologies

Namesilo Technologies Corp. 8.77% of portfolio. My avg price: $0.36. Current price: $0.40

Namesilo Technologies is a holding company with CEO Paul Andreola in charge. Their biggest investment is Namesilo, a domain name registry, that they purchased in 2018. Since acquiring Namesilo they have achieved substantial domain name growth.

I initially purchased Namesilo Technologies (formerly Brisio Innovations) based on the track record of CEO Paul Andreola. Paul also runs a website called Small Cap Discoveries. Initially, I bet on Andreola to continue to find and invest in microcap companies he believes are promising. With the acquisition of Namesilo, they now have a business growing at an excellent rate. Namesilo was a departure from their previous strategy of only buying portions of companies. I am excited that Namesilo Technologies has begun buying whole companies and operating them to increase their value.

Well Health Technologies logo

Well Health Technologies 8.40% of portfolio. My avg. price: $0.40. Current price: $0.68

Well is trying to disrupt the primary care health system in Canada. They have acquired numerous primary care clinics and plan to introduce technology to make the process more efficient and beneficial to patients.

I was initially drawn to Well because of the CEO Hamed Shahbazi. Shahbazi was previously the founder and CEO of Tio Networks which was sold to Paypal. I find this company very interesting. My personal experience with primary care clinics in Ontario is very poor. I think there is a ton of room for improvement and Well has plans to expand to Ontario. I think Well can implement a better system in family doctors offices across the country by implementing their technology into clinics.

Amazon logo

Amazon 7.50% of portfolio. My avg. price: $1,394. Current price: $1,820

Amazon is a worldwide leader in e-commerce. They are far less known for their very profitable Amazon Web Service cloud platform. Amazon is a disruptor of many industries and continues to look for new businesses to enter.

Amazon was my first stock purchase. They have a dominant e-commerce business and also currently dominate the cloud computing market. They continue to find ways to innovate and new ways to generate revenue.

Enbridge logo

Enbridge Inc. 6.76% of portfolio. My avg. price: $39.75 Current price: $49.18

Enbridge is a regulated liquids and gas pipeline operator in North America. They also own regulated utilities (natural gas distribution) in Ontario.

I purchased Enbridge because I thought their shares were undervalued and would return to a more normal price. I also believe that the infrastructure they have in the ground (pipelines) are more and more valuable every day. There is an increasing number of protests of any new pipeline over concerns of a spill and global warming. This makes the existing pipelines they have in the ground increasingly important.

Seven Aces Inc logo

Seven Aces Limited 5.52% of portfolio. My avg. price: $0.80. Current price: $0.76

Seven Aces is a gaming company that operates exclusively in the state of Georgia. They are the largest skill-based gaming machine operator in the State.

I came across Seven Aces (formerly Quantum International Income Corp) while following Liam Conyard on Twitter. He posts excellent analysis of stocks and even better write-ups on Stockhouse which you can find through his Twitter profile.

In early 2018 Seven Aces announced a buyback of 10% of their shares. They are also able to pay down debt and fund their expansion plans using their own cash flow. This video from the Cantech Investment Conference gives a great explanation of the company.

Brookfield Asset Management logo

Brookfield Asset Management 4.79% of portfolio. My avg. price: $54.31. Current price: $63.32

Brookfield is one of the worlds largest real asset managers. They buy undervalued assets (hydro dams, toll roads, utilities, real estate), build the assets up in value by instilling their principles and then sell the assets once they reach maturity.

I was drawn to Brookfield because it is a Canadian company leading on the worldwide stage. The company is very complicated as they have 4 listed partnerships, however, their business strategy is simple to understand: buy assets at or below replacement value, operate and improve the business and sell the asset once it reaches maturity. They recycle the profit into another asset and attempt the same process over again, therefore, compounding value. (Note: this position consists of Brookfield Asset Management shares and Brookfield Infrastructure Partner shares.)

Tencent logo

Tencent Holdings Limited 4.25% of portfolio. My avg. price: $44.47. Current price: $48.05

Tencent is a leading internet and technology company in China. They gain revenue from a variety of streams including social media platforms, gaming, mobile payments, cloud computing, video streaming and a wide variety of investments.

Tencent is a company about which I heard a lot of discussion on the Motley Fool Podcasts. Tencent is a massively influential tech company in China. They are also the biggest video game company in the world. They have exposure to many businesses that are continuing to expand in China which I think will lead to continued revenue growth.

Datable Technologies logo

Datable Technology Corp. 3.59% of portfolio. My avg. price: $0.11. Current price: $0.085

Datable Technology Corporation, a technology company, provides consumer digital and social media engagement, data mining, and loyalty solutions primarily in Canada and the United States.

I will start by saying that this purchase was a mistake. I jumped into Datable after reading some tweets about its share price about to jump and the news that they signed three licensing agreements with big consumer brands. I didn’t put enough research into the company and its financials. Any money made on this company will be pure luck. Any money lost will be my own fault for being impulsive.

BeWhere Holdings logo

BeWhere Holdings 2.32% of portfolio. My avg. price: $0.195. Current price: $0.21

BeWhere Holdings is an “internet of things” company that designs hardware that captures a variety of data. Their hardware can be attached to logistics items to track their location (transports, trailers, tools). The hardware can also be used to gather data (weather, infrastructure activity, etc.) BeWhere creates recurring revenue from fees for the use of their products and software.

What really drew me to BeWhere was the flexibility of their hardware. Their sensors can be attached to a wide variety of items. BeWhere can also customize their products for your individual situation as they showed with their collaboration with Henry of Pelham Estate Winery. I also like the support BeWhere has received from their major partners and distributors. Major telecommunications and logistics companies that are helping to commercialize their hardware.

MPXI logo

MPX International 1.02% of portfolio. My avg. price: $.060. Current price: $0.75

MPX International is the former Canadian assets of MPX. They are building out cultivation facilities in Ontario to grow cannabis for the Canadian market. They also own the rights to use certain intellectual property of Ianthus in Canada.

I received these shares when Ianthus purchased MPX. The Canadian assets of MPX were spun out into MPX International. These shares were essentially free. Once their cultivation assets come online it will be interesting to see if they can establish a foothold in Canada’s competitive cannabis market.

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