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Planet Microcap Podcast | Review

In the world of microcap investing it is not always easy to find relevant information. Luckily I found the Planet MicroCap Podcast. There is a ton of information out there regarding investing, and most of it is relevant to microcap investing. Microcaps, however, presents some unique challenges that other classes of investing do not:

  1. lack of analyst coverage, the research is going to be your own (this is not necessarily a bad thing);
  2. liquidity or lack thereof;
  3. discovering quality microcaps worth investing in;
  4. getting past the negative stigma that comes along with “penny stocks”

Planet Microcap Podcast

This leads me to search out quality sources of investment advice specific to microcaps. The Planet Microcap Podcast fits the bill. Host Bobby Kraft brings on the best micro and small-cap investors in the world to get their insights into investing.

Planet Microcap Podcast features such distinguished microcap investors like Ian Caseel of Microcap Club, Maj Soueidan of Geo Investing, Brandon Mackie and Paul Andreola of Smallcap Discovery, Chris Mayer, author of 100 Bagger, and many others. The range of topics is also varied from discovering new companies, corporate governance, red flags to watch out for and general strategies.

A Few of My Favourite Episodes

Episode #1: Ian Cassel, MicrocapClub: So you want to be a MicroCap Investor?

Ian Cassel is the founder of MicroCap Club and someone I have talked about previously. Ian is a full-time microcap investor and writes extensively on the MicroCap Club website. In addition to appearing on the MicroCap Club podcast, Ian also appears on numerous other financial podcasts.

Episode #27: Dissecting 100 Baggers with Chris Mayer, Bonner & Partners

Chris Mayer works at Bonner & Partners and authored 100 Baggers. Chris has written extensively and a quick google search can lead you to his other writings. He recently appeared on the Meb Faber podcast.

Episode #28: What is an ‘Intelligent Fanatic’ with Sean Iddings, Co-Author of “Intelligent Fanatics Project”

Sean Iddings authored Intelligent Fanatics with Ian Cassel. Both books are well worth the read. Sean focuses on leaders from around the world that operate at a high level with integrity. Intelligent Fanatics are leaders you want to identify early and invest in for the long haul.

(You can read my book review of the Intelligent Fanatics Project)

Episode 39#: Strategies for Investing in Canadian MicroCap Stocks with Paul Andreola and Brandon Mackie, Small Cap Discoveries

Brandon Mackie and Paul Andreola run Small Cap Discoveries. Small Cap Discoveries is a newsletter that provides their best small-cap investing ideas. Their site features educational material that is well written and informative. Paul Andreola is the CEO of Namesilo Technologies. I own shares of Namesilo Technologies.


I started listening to the podcast about a year and a half ago. Since that time I haven’t missed an episode. Recently I have gone back to listen to every episode again starting at number one. The beauty about investing is as you continue to learn you can revisit previous information you’ve read. When you reread or listen to a podcast the content is much more impactful since you have a greater understanding of the concepts presented.

The Planet MicroCap Podcast truly is a great resource. The lessons learned in each episode are applicable across all avenues of investing. With so much information out there, I have started to widdle down the content that I truly trust. When I first started this journey I would subscribe to every investing podcast and newsletter. By prioritizing quality information I can focus more closely on good information and cut out a lot of the noise. Planet MicroCap Podcast is definitely a priority for me.

Bobby Kraft

Host Bobby Kraft’s passion for investing and microcaps is clearly evident. As a result, he is able to bring on excellent guests that can share their unique experience investing in microcaps. After listening to a few podcasts you will see why investing in microcaps is both exciting and potentially very rewarding. I look forward to the weekly podcast. As a result, I highly recommend the Planet MicroCap Podcast. It is something I look forward to every week.

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