RIWI Q3 2020 Financials

On November 10th RIWI Q3 2020 financials were released. Right off the bat, it was a disappointing quarter. Revenue was down compared to Q3 2019 and down consecutively compared to…

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A woman wearing gloves pays for her purchase at a supermarket in Los Angeles. Bank regulators are urging consumers not to hoard cash, after reports of large withdrawals by some customers worried about the coronavirus.

NamSys Q3 2020 Results

On September 24th NamSys Q3 2020 results were released. NamSys continues to grow in a tough economic environment. Revenue increased 11.8% in Q3 and 16.6% in the past nine months.…


Crescita Q2 2020 Financials

On August 11th Crescita Q2 2020 financials were released. It was a difficult quarter for Crescita. In March Crescita closed its office and manufacturing facility in Quebec. Not only was…

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RIWI Q2 2020 Financials

On July 27th RIWI Q2 2020 financials were released. The quarter was good but not spectacular. RIWI generated $1 million in revenue and $117,000 in net income. The numbers look…

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NamSys Q2 2020 Results

On June 24th, 2020, NamSys Q2 2020 results were released. The company continues to show growth in a challenging COVID-19 environment. Revenue was up 14.5% for Q2 and up 19.2%…

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