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Motley Fool Rule Breakers Podcast Review

Motley Fool Rule Breakers is a paid stock picking service provided by the Motley Fool Company. Co-Ceo David Gardner makes the selections in this service. In comparison in their most popular service, Stock Advisor, David and Tom Gardner both make selections.

Rule Breakers is a higher risk stock picking service that focuses on growth stocks that are leading in their respective fields. As a result these companies often have lofty valuations. I have not purchased a subscription to Rule Breakers though I have considered it. I do listen to the free podcast which provides lots of investing knowledge and great insight into what Rule Breakers is about.

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Motley Fool Rule Breakers Podcast

The Rule Breakers Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by David Gardner. David shares his insights into investing. David uses a few different show formats like The Market Cap Gameshow, 5 Stock Sampler, Monthly Mailbag, Reviewapalooza, and interviews with various business figures.

Once a quarter David records a 5 Stock Sampler episode. In these episodes, David selects five stocks from the Rule Breakers and Stock Advisor universe. He breaks down the companies and why he likes them usually with the help of one of his analysts. This results in listeners getting a free view into the Rule Breakers universe and some of David’s picks.

What I really admire about David and the Motley Fool, in general, is there is an emphasis on scoring your results. To accomplish this David reviews his five stock samplers on a yearly basis. This continues for three years. This theme, scoring oneself and being transparent, is important to the Motley Fool. This is not always followed by financial media. Hosts on popular television shows give their opinion on stocks but are rarely ever scored on their picks.

The podcast is entertaining and I rarely skip or stop a podcast midway through. The Motley Fool was one of the first resources that popped up when I started googling about investing. They preach patience and a buy and hold philosophy. The Motley Fool is trying to teach people that anyone can be an investor even if you are starting small. Rule Breakers is a very optimistic podcast which can be a nice change when all other media outlets are broadcasting doom and gloom. David keeps a positive attitude and genuinely loves investing.

Podcast Episode Suggestions

Rule Breakers Podcast

The 6 “Hows” of Rule Breaker Investing

If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while you are probably familiar with the Six Traits of a Rule Breaker, which help us identify what to invest in. Today we’re introducing six new traits, and these will help define how to invest as Rule Breakers. Do we have them right? We welcome your feedback!

Gotta Know the Lingo

From the earliest days of The Motley Fool, our mission has been to “Educate, Amuse & Enrich.” Today we double-down on the “Educate” with an exploration of some commonly used financial terms. Guest analysts Andrew Fredrickson, Abi Malin, Aaron Bush, and Jim Mueller join David to define and discuss net profit margin, cash flow vs. net income, dividend yield, burn rate, and spiffy-pop!

Calculating Risk Parts 1, 2 & 3

As promised, March is Risk Month here at the RBI Podcast, and today David lays out the structure of his unique 25-point system for quantifying the risk levels of your investments. This is not just a nebulous “high, medium, low” rating.

How David Beat Goliath

This week we look at Malcolm Gladwell’s 2009 New Yorker article, “How David Beats Goliath” and extract three inspiring investing lessons. Gladwell spells out the hidden advantages of being the “underdog” in a way well-suited to our Rule Breaker investing style.

Add Motley Fool Rule Breakers to Your Podcast Rotation

I continue to enjoy the Rule Breakers podcast. The earlier episodes dive into David’s investing philosophy and look to educate the listeners. The “Know the Lingo” series and “Calculating Risk” series are great and help new investors.

David makes the podcasts approachable for all listeners. As a result, you can start listening to the podcasts at any point or start from episode #1. The podcast is free and convenient which is great. I have not used the Rule Breakers investing service however I did subscribe to Stock Advisor.

I liked Motley Fool Stock Advisor and think an investor can beat the market if they invest in stocks from the Motley Fool universe. Before forking out any money for their paid services listen to the Motley Fool podcasts. You get exposure to many of their stock picks from both services. This gives you more insight into if you’d like to try their service or not. If you have no interest in purchasing a Motley Fool product I still think there is lots of knowledge to be gained from listening to Rule Breakers.