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Motley Fool Podcasts Review

Podcasts have become a favourite time killer of mine. I abandoned the radio years ago and have not returned. Podcasts are convenient, free and almost any topic you can think of can be explored through podcasts. When I started thinking about managing my own investments the first thing I did was Google “investing podcasts” and what popped up?  The Motley Fool. This post is a brief review of the Motley Fool Podcasts.

For over a year I have listened to all of the Motley Fool Podcasts and have found my favourites are:

Each one of these podcasts is slightly different as they cover different topics but there is quite a bit of overlap. The production is professionally done, coupled with excellent analysis of current issues in investing and finance. This formula creates podcasts that are easy to listen every day of the week.

What is the Motley Fool?

The Motley Fool is a stock picking and investing service based in Virginia. The company was started by brothers David and Tom Gardner. Their first service consisted of stock picks sent out to friends and family by newsletter and later using AOL.

Their flagship service is Stock Advisor. David and Tom each make a stock selection every month, so 24 picks per year in total. They also have a variety of other services geared toward different segments of the investing community.

The podcasts give a great free introduction to the Motley Fool universe of premium services. In the podcasts, the analysts discuss news that is affecting companies they follow which are usually stock picks from the Stock Advisor or Rule Breakers premium investing services.

Let’s take a look at each podcast

Market Foolery

Motley Fool Money is a weekly radio show that is aired across the United States which can conveniently be consumed in podcast form. News of the week is explored in an hour-long episode along with guest interviews from a wide variety of guests.

Just like all the other podcasts, the production quality is wonderful and the radio show is both fun and informative. Market Foolery just celebrated 10 years of being on the radio.

Industry Focus

Industry focus is also a daily podcast that is split into 5 different episodes each week exploring different industries and the stocks in those industries making headlines. Industry Focus explores healthcare, technology, consumer goods, energy, and technology. The episodes have their own hosts which mix things up nicely and is a great way to gain exposure to all different sectors of the economy. The analysts take a look at earnings and news but also develop unique episodes where they dive deeper into a current trend or company. On a recent energy episode, Nick Sciple and Matt Dillalo took a two-part dive into one of my favourite companies, Brookfield Asset Management.

Energy: Welcome to the Brookfield Family (Part 1)

Energy: Welcome to the Brookfield Family (Part 2)

Motley Fool Money

Market Foolery is a daily podcast that explores current news and events in the business world. The episodes are relatively short and easy to listen to. Market Foolery is a great way to keep up to date on the biggest news in the investing world on a daily basis.

Why You Should Listen to the Motley Fool Family of Podcasts

Well, first of all, they are free and convenient. Download any podcast app, Itunes, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and you have instant access to years worth of shows. Did I mention they are completely FREE?

I have found that the Motley Fool has been a positive influence in a variety of ways. The Motley Fool preaches patience and discipline in your investing and to adopt a long term time horizon when selecting investments. The podcasts provide context on earnings reports that I may not have understood. This helps to ease concerns when one of your holdings drops 10-15% after an earnings report when the truth is that the earnings report was not bad at all but the stock decline was an overreaction from the market.

The Motley Fool also preaches a buy-and-hold strategy of investing which they argue provides the best chance of beating the market over the long term. They believe that anyone can invest and can beat the market. The Motley Fool tries to break down the barriers people have to invest in the stock market and it helped me build the confidence to invest in individual stocks.

Add the Motley Fool Podcasts to Your Rotation

The podcasts give a great introduction to the overall strategy of the Motley Fool and their investing services. You get exposure to some of their stock picks and the theme of the podcasts are very positive. The overall messaging of the podcasts is consistent with the strategy preached by the founders of the Motley Fool, brothers Tom and David Gardner: Individual investors can beat the overall market by picking individual stocks and holding for the long term.

After listening to the podcast I took the dive and signed up for the Motley Fool Stock Advisor last year, which is their flagship investing service. I will write up a review of Stock Advisor in the near future but the Motley Fool family of podcasts is a great first step in starting to learn about investing

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