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Keystone Financial Podcast Review

The Keystone Financial Stock Talk podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Ryan Irvine and Aaron Dunn. They take a look at various companies using different segments like their “Star” and “Dog” of the week and also their “Your Stock, Our Take” segment. They tend to focus on smaller Canadian companies which I prefer but also give their opinion on other larger international companies.

Who Is Keystone Financial?

Keystone Financial is a Canadian independent equity research provider. For a fee, you can gain access to their independent research and stock suggestions. Keystone is not affiliated with any brokerage and is not paid by any company to provide research coverage. Keystone provides various services. Their Canadian Small-Cap Growth Stock research is one of their services and the service that I find most interesting.

Keystone Philosophy

After listening to only a few podcasts the Keystone philosophy becomes very clear. They are looking for profitable companies with the ability to grow earnings. This is their main criteria for looking at companies and they build off it with additional factors: high insider ownership, net cash position with little debt, reliable business model, and all at a reasonable price.

What I admire most about Keystone Financial is their ability to stick to their criteria. I think this allows them to avoid mistakes many investors, myself included, have made chasing hot stocks or sectors. They may miss some stocks that turn into multi-baggers even though they aren’t profitable. They will also avoid a lot of stocks that never deliver on grandiose promises and destroy shareholder value.

Keystone Financial Presentation

I think this video is a great example of Keystone Financial and what their philosophy is.

Ryan Irvine Presents at Cambridge House Conference

Keystone Financial and My Portfolio

A few of my holdings have been discussed on the Stock Talk podcast. Here are the links to those episodes about my holdings.

You can find my NamSys write up HERE.

You can find my Crescita Therapeutics write up HERE.

And Part Two HERE.

For the most part, they speak well of the companies I own. I know they have recommended Polaris which can be seen in the very first video by Ryan Irvine.

My Take

I have not subscribed to their services so I cannot review them properly. I am interested in their Canadian small-cap growth stock research report, however, the $799 price tag is a little too much for me at this point in my investing journey.

Their investor seminars look like an interesting and affordable opportunity. Unfortunately, the two spring dates in Ontario I have commitments. In combination with their live seminar, you can also purchase some of Keystone’s research which should give a good indication of the quality of their research.

As for the podcast, I think they are definitely worth listening too. They usually address an investing question or recent news and then discuss different companies through their various segments. The thing I most admire about Keystone is their discipline. Many of the companies they discuss do not meet their criteria and they simply pass on them. This may cause Keystone to miss out on certain companies that end up being big winners but more often than not I think this allows them to avoid big losers.

Their discipline reminds me of the Warren Buffett quote:

“There are no called strikes in the business,” Buffett said. “They may be wonderful pitches to swing at, but if you don’t know enough, you don’t have to swing. And you can sit there and watch thousands of pitches and finally you get one right there where you want it … and then you swing,”

Keystone is always looking for the right pitch to swing at. This has allowed them to buy companies like Xpel Inc. (XPEL) and Boyd Group (BYD.TO) that turn into massive winners.

I hope to review a seminar next time they come to my area or someday I may buck up for their small-cap research.

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