Welcome to the Battleship Investing Blog. My name is Blair and I created this blog to document my thoughts and decisions on investments I have made. I am as far from a professional investor as you can get. I am a Police Officer from Ontario, Canada and began managing my own investments in early 2017 when I became aware of the fees I was paying to have my savings invested in mutual funds.

Once I learned this I began researching companies and took the plunge into self-managed investing. I have absolutely no training in finance, accounting, or asset management. I don’t try to pretend to be something I’m not and readily acknowledge I know very little about investing and the business world. My insights and opinions come from looking through financials and doing research outside of the financial statements.

I know there are loads of other people more qualified than I to analysis an income statement and determine if a business is good or not. Instead, my goal is to contact customers and collect first hand information on products and services.

My goal is not to convince you to buy the companies I own. It’s actually quite the opposite. I welcome input and counterpoints to the arguments I am making. Being open to connect with other investors has served me incredibly well since I started writing.

I am a long-term horizon investor which means I plan to hold the companies I have purchased for many, many years believing that this is the best way compound the money I have invested and build wealth.

The experiences I share are my own and your situation will be different than mine. Please take what is written in this blog as education or entertainment and not investing advice as I don’t know your specific situation and am not qualified to give investing advice. Please don’t buy a company just because I have written about it (though I don’t think many of you will). Do your own research and even more importantly develop your own conviction.