CO2 Gro 2020 Results

CO2 Gro 2020 results were released on April 28th. While the big contract signing I was hoping for in 2020 did not occur there was a lot of progress made…

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Q1 2021 Portfolio Update

Welcome to my Q1 2021 portfolio update. Volatility from 2020 carried over into Q1 2021. My portfolio reached all-time highs only to sink lower with the overall TSX Venture. As…

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RIWI 2020 Results

On March 2nd RIWI 2020 results were released. The 2020 results look strong with 47% revenue growth and a 32% increase in EBIT. RIWI's focus in 2020 was the build-out…

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NamSys 2020 Results

On February 25th, NamSys 2020 results were released. NamSys achieved 15% revenue growth in what was a very difficult year for many businesses. When I look back to the beginning…

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2021 Portfolio Update

Welcome to my 2021 portfolio update. 2020 was definitely a roller coaster and I expect when I write my 2022 portfolio update, it will be similar. Thankfully my family has…

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Why I Sold Crescita Therapeutics

This past week I sold my entire position in Crescita Therapeutics. In Q3 Crescita collected a $5 million royalty payment that was owed to them by Taro Pharmaceuticals. The collection…

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RIWI Q3 2020 Financials

On November 10th RIWI Q3 2020 financials were released. Right off the bat, it was a disappointing quarter. Revenue was down compared to Q3 2019 and down consecutively compared to…

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